Why we ALL have to LEARN about Relationships


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10/25/20222 min read

Here are five reasons why. There are more, but these are the most common ones. We subscribe to teachings for about everything in life….. except for the most valuable one for which we need to learn life essentials.

#1-You don't know what you don't know about relationships.

After I had turned my marriage with the mother of my children into a drama, I was deeply committed to learning from my mistakes and used the pain of the divorce for an intensive and relentless quest for answers on how to elevate and sustain a high-level relationship. Trying and improving naturally led to personal growth. I felt that I could do nothing else but share what I had discovered with the world. Just consider that many of us have had a wrong example from our environment - the influence of our family is significant in how we approach relationships. Breaking free from it where necessary is important.

#2-There are relationship skills that we all need to learn

Can you name them comprehensively? - Most likely not. I didn't know them when I started my marriage, and I still didn't after the painful divorce. In my dedicated quest for answers, it took almost 10 years before I had the puzzle pieces clear. Some skills you may have learned on your life journey. But some will be missing or only partially present. Why? Firstly, because it applies to almost everyone, but also because there has been no guide (or was until now) that logically organizes all the information about relationships in order for you to have clarity what to leave alone and what to work on. An example of a skill that many people need to learn is how to successfully break patterns and habits that damage their relationship. At the same time, you are unaware of what subtle things are damaging your relationship while you think the opposite is true.

#3-Learn or Repeat your Mistakes

If you don't learn these skills, you will make the same mistakes in your next relationship. That may seem obvious, but we tend to blame the other person for a relationship that isn't working. That's a missed opportunity. Be gently critical of yourself to avoid making the same mistakes in your next (or current) relationship, and embark on a journey of self-improvement with a healthy appetite. It will bring you freedom.

#4-Amazing hidden treasures available

An intimate relationship is the only place where you can discover and experience certain (hidden) treasures that are part of your humanity and will color your life differently. It's the only place where you can heal your heart together with your partner as you grow towards a relationship of unconditional giving. Due to past experiences, we have learned to be conditional in an (intimate) relationship. Discovering that you can step out of this and that it's not so much a gift to your partner and your relationship but much more to yourself is priceless.

#5-There are many Limiting Beliefs

You have no idea what limiting beliefs you have acquired about relationships and how they hold you back from getting the best out of your relationship. Being open to discovering which ones are the right ones is the next step, and how to replace them with the right beliefs that will give you room to grow together is the final step. That's why growing towards a better relationship is a journey together. It doesn't happen after reading a blog or a single training. You'll find this journey in the experienced part of our online training.

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